Sports Dentistry Protocol :T-scan-
Improve Performance by Improving your Occlusion!



At ABM Dental Office we use the T-scan to provide our Patients with a well-balanced occlusion. This treatment is particularly meaningful for the athletes, who are subjected to very stressful situations from the psychophysical point of view, both: in an often competitive, sometimes almost hostile environment, during strenuous training, competitions, in which prevention of the overload and balance is of utmost importance.


First we do a thorough clinical analysis of the patient, and we confirm the diagnosis by acquiring instrumental data from the T-scan. Very often scheduled treatment is often multidisciplinary, in which dental occlusal analysis is followed by adjustments, and then rehabilitation by splints, mouth guards, so stress impact on all structures: muscles, joints, bones, teeth are controlled and alleviated.

Computerized tests can be used to measure and record functional parameters that are helpful for identifying and quantifying a patient’s pathological condition. Balancing all muscles of the mouth provides an improvement in the posture thus enhancing athletic performance, and any devices (such as splints, mouth-guards) not only benefit an athlete’s health but also can be worn during competition. Call 905-272-9966 to schedule your appointment!


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